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The Division of Corporations' modern imaging technology requires the following guidelines are met in order to properly and efficiently process your document:

Documents must be submitted on 8.5" x 11" paper.
Documents should have margins of 1" on sides, 2" at top, and 1.5" at bottom.
Documents should be typed using BLACK ink. Use black ink for signatures and any handwritten material.
All documents must be clear enough so that they will be readable when imaged. Legible fax/telecopies, etc. are acceptable.
Any document that appoints a Registered Agent will not be filed until the Registered Agent agrees to act as such. Please contact your agent for approval prior to filing. Registered Agent.
NAME OF CORPORATION - Unless otherwise indicate, enter the corporation name, upt to 60 characters per line, for a maximum of two lines.  Profit corporation names must contain one of the following words:  Corporation, Incorporated, Company, or Limited, or one of the following abbreviations: Corp., Inc., Co., or Ltd.  These terms do not apply to nonprofit corporations.
NUMBERS - Enter numeric information without commas.  For example, three thousand should be entered as 3000, not 3,000.
DATES- All dates must be entered in the MM/DD/YYYY fomat, using the 4 digit year.  For example, January 4, 1997 should be entered as 1/4/1997.   Although not required, a leading zero in the month and day is acceptable: for example, 01/04/1997.
ADDRESSES - To ensure mail is deliverable, do not combine Post Office Box numbers and street address in one box.  Enter the actual physical street location in the box labeled Physical Adress, adn/or Post Office Box numbers in the boxes labeled P. O. Box.  When necessary, use directional indicators like 123 W Main St.  It is not necessary to enter the text P. O. Box when specifying a P. O. box number.  Our system will supply this text automatically.
STATES - States muct be entered as the two-character, approved United States Postal Service state codes.  For example, Mississippi should be entered as MS.   Do not use periods of other abbreviations when supplying the state name in your address.
ZIP CODES - Boxes set aside for AIP codes contain enough spece to enter both five-digit and four-digit ZIP codes separated by a dash.  Please ensure the five-digit ZIP is entered to the left of the dash, and the four-digit zip is to the right of the dash.
SIGNATURE BOXES - If we are your registered agent fax signatures to CurrentFax.


BY CHECK: NewMagnolia Incorporations accepts checks made payable to "New Magnolia". The check must be drawn on an U.S. bank in U.S. funds.

BY CREDIT CARD: NewMagnolia Incorporations currently accepts VISA and MasterCard. Please have your account number and expiration date available.

When determining the amount owed, please check the following:

  • All county filing fees are included.
  • Any fees for expedited services (if used) are included.

For a list of fees, CLICK HERE.

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